Kasautii Zindagii Kay Anurag Rescues Shivani

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Anurag Rescues Shivani


The Episode begins with Prerna getting out Veena and Shivani. Veena thumps the entryway and requests that her open the entryway. Shivani calls for assistance. Anurag runs upstairs. Ronit gets Shivani. Veena says Rohit has taken Shivani upstairs. Anurag asks Ronit to open the entryway.

Ronit requests that her go, its his own issue, he will take Shivani with him. He harms Shivani. Anurag kicks open the entryway. He kicks Ronit and thumps him. Veena and Prerna come. Anurag says I will send you to imprison like I have sent Komolika, in the event that you dare come here once more. He tosses out Ronit.

Ronit says I m Siddhant Chobey’s child, you will know it now. Anurag says on the off chance that you come back once more, you won’t almost certainly go on your feet. He goes. Shivani says thanks to Anurag. Veena likewise expresses gratitude toward him. Prerna grins.

Anurag says my connection isn’t simply

with Prerna, yet additionally with her family, you are my family, its since Rajesh and father were as one, all of you are my obligation now, I will dependably be with you, as Rajesh remained with Moloy.

Veena favors him. Prerna and Anurag appropriate the things and help Veena. They have a minute. Buddy ek buddy… .plays… . They get back home. Anupam prods them and says I didn’t see anything. He grins and says he is frantic in affection.

Mohini says Moloy will be better at this point. Prerna eats and serves them. Nivedita says its delectable. Mohini says I m not ravenous. Tapur says Sahil called and said about his folks commemoration, sorry I said we kept an unexpected part for them.

Mohini says generally excellent arrangement, disclose to Sahil we are prepared. She sees Nivedita holding with Prerna. Chief comes and says sorry to learn, its something pixie. Anupam asks Nivedita to help him in garments determination. Nivedita says obviously. She approaches Prerna to take breakfast for Anurag. Anupam says take eggs for him, its his fav, you would know.

Mohini says Nivedita, I have to talk. She takes her to room and asks how might you have much love for Prerna. Nivedita says Prerna is Anurag’s significant other, its a reality. Mohini asks what’s up with you. Nivedita says Prerna is a decent young lady.

Mohini says Komolika fouled up, she was awful, it doesn’t demonstrate that Prerna is correct, she is as yet a working class young lady for me, she is dealing with Moloy, she is a decent attendant for him. Nivedita says Prerna brought Komolika’s reality.you can check here infomation about Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

Mohini says it is anything but a major ordeal. Nivedita says its a major ordeal for me, I trusted Komolika. Mohini says Prerna had jumped into our home, she is Rajesh’s little girl, she offended me, I won’t overlook that. Nivedita says Prerna did what she ought to have done, any little girl would express that to protect her mom. Mohini says you are seeming like Anupam, he filled your psyche.

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